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Michael. Sjerven Dressage is proud to provide a number of services to the discerning customer. These include:

  • Day clinics

  • Full training: This includes five training sessions and/or lessons, as well as coaching at shows.

  • Partial training: This includes three training sessions and/or lessons.

  • Individual 45-minute training sessions and lessons; coaching at shows,

  • Experience judging schooling shows & conducting 'Ride-A-Test' clinics.

As a "traveling" trainer with a robust liability insurance policy, Michael is happy to travel to your facility. Michael will be traveling to a number of facilities in the Twin Cities area and Western Wisconsin.

For horses in his training programs, Michael also offers access/use of some of our therapeutic devices. These include a 2400XL Respond Laser, as well as a Bio-Pulse™ Sentry Magnetic Blanket.

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